John B - in:transit (2004)

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First released in 2004, in:transit was designed for die-hard D&B fans and newcomers alike, tracks span from heavy Metalheadz-style techstep smashers (Vampire Eyes/Amnesia), to beautiful Epic Trance-inspired full vocal tracks (Mercury Skies/Midnight Air/Broken Language), crazy porno Electro-step (American Girls 2004/Take Me home), and hi-energy hyperdisco/liquid funk D&B (Faith In Me/Romantic).

The album is varied, accessible, interesting, exciting & genre-busting. Its still Drum & Bass, & works in clubs, but is far more than just a collection of disposable, short-lived dub dancefloor tracks. Lots of vocals, wide-ranging styles, pioneering approaches to production, mainstream appeal, but still underground, raw & refreshing. The influence of modern Electro, commercial Dance & Trance is noticeable throughout, but is interpreted in a way that moulds perfectly with the power and energy of Drum & Bass to define revolutionary new directions. The title & visual concept of in:transit reflect John Bs DJ touring lifestyle of the last few years, the music is its soundtrack. Tracks have been selected and refined based on feedback from the clubs all over the world and are John Bs most impressive works to date.


One of the most intriguing DnB albums in a long, long while& John Bs willing to experiment where others merely imitate& Album of the Month!Knowledge Mag

Definitely one of the most talented producers on the planet-DJ Mag

A fantastic concoction of liquid funk, electro & trancey flavours& Dirty, heavyweight bombs that prove John B is still one of the top dogs of the dancefloor!-Mixmag

John B delivers an album that can only be described as classic. With all styles covered he proves once again why he is one of the drum n bass scenes most original and adventurous artists. This is the bomb& Go get it now!-Update Magazine

Album of the Month-M8 magazine

Mighty Drum n Bass electro-shock therapy-KlubKnowledge

As far as drum n bass albums go youll be hard pushed to find anything that crosses boundaries like in:transit does-ATM

1. Midnight Air
2. Take Me Home (feat. Stareyes)
3. Romantic
4. Mercury Skies
5. Sight Beyond 2004
6. Broken Language (feat Exile) [John B CD mix]
7. Amnesia
8. Vampire Eyes
9. One Way
10. Faith In Me
11. American Girls 2004
12. Rinse it Out Propa! (FKA Blandwagon Poos)

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