ELC004 - Genetic Sequence - Photographic b/w Time [2004]

Nu Electro

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  • ELC004 - Genetic Sequence - Photographic b/w Time [2004]
  • ELC004 - Genetic Sequence - Photographic b/w Time [2004]

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Also available on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/ELC004


Lovely finished copies, in brand new design super sexy sleeves! With mp3 or WAV files as an instant download when you buy the vinyl.


genetic sequence. mattrick. born. broke leg. heard ELO. started to read and write. learnt what a synthesizer was. started school. bontempi organ. heard depeche mode. heard kraftwerk. found electro. viscount bahia. learnt to swim. casio MT400V. started to get hair in new places. boss dr-110. oberheim prommer. fostex x-26. yamaha dx100. started making hip hop. major international label interest. corporate bullshit. amiga 500. kawai r-50. went to college. roland mt32. alesis mmt8. casio vl-tone. roland juno-1. boss dr-550. made jingles for independant radio. formed electro punk band. spent a year in brighton. yamaha tg33. yamaha cs01. raving. back to college in london. roland tr606. sequential pro-one. designed and made his own synthesizer. techno. knowledge @ sw1. got a job making hi-fi. went to india. came back. worked. didn't make much music. lost. moved to the country and spent a lot of time in the garden. started buying drum n bass records and DJing. moved to oxford. started making music again. emu e-5000ultra. korg Z1. PC. Reason. fell in love. made a little tune about it. got noticed by john b. nu_electro.

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